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There are a variety of ways to create and use your forms. Some require more knowledge of how to use a personal computer than others. A partial listing in order of complexity is:

* Print the document, fill it out by hand, and deliver it in person.
* Fill out the document electronically, print it, and deliver it in person.
* Fill out the document electronically, save it, and attach it to an email.

If you do not already know how to perform these tasks, please click on one of the topics below:

Printing your Document.

Saving your Document.

Unfortunately it is not possible to provide instructions for every email program on the market. One common program is Microsoft® Outlook®. Another is Yahoo!® mail. Others are similar. One thing is common to all email programs which allow you to share documents: If you want to send a document to someone you must first attach it to your email.

NOTE: Not all PC/Web browser combinations support the use of text boxes. In most cases you can still enter your information, save, attach, and send. Please report problems to the Webmaster: Dave Crockett.

Attaching Documents in Outlook.

Attaching Documents in Yahoo!

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