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CD Six:
Aug 7, 2011 to
Dec 18, 2011
Dec-18: "Let it Shine" - Rev. B. Kornitzer Dec-4: "Occupy our Faith - Economic Justice" - Rev. B. Kornitzer
Nov-27: "Is Vitrue the Key to Happiness?" - Rev. B. Kornitzer Nov-20: Tribute to Joan Patterson, "Caring and Sharing" - Rev. B. Kornitzer & M. Galib
Nov-13: "Getting the Message, Seeing Past the Form" - Rev. B. Kornitzer Nov-6: "The Sparks Continue to Fall Long After Darkness Falls" - L.G. Kellner
Oct-30: "Universalism and Charity" - Rev. O. Brown Oct-23: "American Idolatry" - A. Kelley
Oct-16: "Truth Telling-The Middle East Uncensored" - Rev. B. Kornitzer & Rod Driver Oct-9: "Street Light or Roman Candle?" - J. Youngken
Oct-2: "Community" - Rev. B. Kornitzer Sep-25: "Getting Religion as UU's" - Rev. B. Kornitzer & J. Glasheen
Sep-18: "Goals" - Rev. B. Kornitzer Sep-11: "Peace is Our Response" - Rev. B. Kornitzer
Aug-14: "Are We Alone? The Search for ET." - D. Hurdis, J. Patterson Aug-7: "Children and Spirituality: Nurturing the Flame" - E. Carter
July 24 is not on the archive disk however; it is available on-line at right.

CD Five:
January 2 to
July. 31, 2011
Jan-2: "Re-discovering T.S Eliot", Rev. Jan Knost Jan-16: "Dreaming Out Loud", Peter Bowden
Jan-23: "The Idea of Hell", Rev. Jan Knost Feb-6: "The Fourth UU Principle", Rev. Betty Kornitzer
Feb-13: "Standing on the Side of Love", Rev. Betty Kornitzer Feb-27: "Wm.E.Channing Founder of the Unitarian Movement in America", Rev. B. Kornitzer
Mar-6: "Gratitude and Generosity", Rev. Betty Kornitzer Mar-13: "The Fifth UU Principle", Rev. Betty Kornitzer
Mar-20: "With Grace and Dignity", Deanna Camputaro Mar-27: "The Beatitudes", Rev. Betty Kornitzer
Apr-17: "Earth Day Our Seventh Principle", Rev. Betty Kornitzer Apr-24: "Easter A Wider View", Rev. Betty Kornitzer
May-1: "Animals-Another View of the Interconnected Web", Rev. B.Kornitzer May-8: "Mother's Day From Many Angles",Rev. B.Kornitzer, D.Hedison, UUCSC Youth
May-15: "A Change One Thousand Years In Coming", Nasser Zawia May-22: "Francis David-Roots of European Unitarianism", Rev. Betty Kornitzer
May-29: "Tradition", Linda Whyte-Burrell Jun-5: "Who Am I", Linda Whyte-Burrell
Jun-19: "Of Flowers and Fathers and Ritual", Rev. Betty Kornitzer Jun-26: "Who Takes Care of the Caretaker's Daughter While the Caretaker's Busy Taking Care", Rev. J. Knost
Jul-10: "'The-Other' And UU", Sandy Ketrow Jul-17: "Reflections on the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster", David Frederick
Jul-24: "Etiquette Today" - Marie Younkin-Waldman
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Jul-31: "Before I Go You Should Know", Susan Graefe
July 18 is not on the archive disk however; it is available on-line at right.

CD Four:
August 29 to
Dec. 26, 2010
July-18: "Skidamarink" - J. Creamer.
July-18: "Listening as a Form of Love" - M. Younkin Waldman
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Aug-29: "A Rousing Unitarian Universalist Celebration - General Assembly 2010", B. Kornitzer
Sept-5: "Remembrance of the Struggle for Dignity", Rich Evans Oct-17: "Ecclesiastes", B. Kornitzer
Oct-24: "What is Faith?", B. Kornitzer Oct-31: "Day of the Dead", B. Kornitzer
Nov-7: "Justice, Equity and Compassion, B. Kornitzer Nov-14: "Sabbatical", B. Kornitzer
Nov-21: "Celebration and Gratitude", B. Kornitzer Nov-28: "It Ain't Necessarily So... ", M. Richardson
Dec-5: "The Third Unitarian Universalist Principle", B. Kornitzer Dec-12: "Mature Spirituality: Engaging the Self and the World", J. Glasheen
Dec-19: "The Gift of Giving - Presence Not Presents", B. Kornitzer, D. Hedison Dec-23: Christmas Eve Eve Service
Dec-26: "Love Poems from God", B. Kornitzer  
CD Three:
Mar. 14, 2010 to
Jun. 27, 2010
Mar-14: "How to Live in Difficult times", B. Kornitzer Mar-21: "Destiny and Fate", D. Camputaro
Mar-28: "Question Box", B. Kornitzerr Apr-4: "Intergenerational Reflection", B. Kornitzer
Apr-11: "Cultivating Happiness", A. Fox Apr-18: "Refugee Resettlement in R.I.", B. Sadr
Apr-25: "Building a Planet That is Both Sustainable & Just", B. Kornitzer May-2: "Understanding Addiction", B. Kornitzer
May-9: "Re-Parenting", B. Kornitzer May-23: "Be Different Beloved Community", S. Delmore
Jun-6: "Sex and War", B. Kornitzer Jun-13: "Celebrating the Bicentennial of Margaret Fuller - A Great Unitarian", B. Kornitzer
Jun-20: "Nature's Call to the Spirit", B. Kornitzer Jun-27: "Sustainability and Reverence for All Creation", S. Letendre
CD Two:
Nov. 8, 2009 to
Feb. 21, 2010
Nov-8: "The Abiding Essence of Liberal Religion", J. V. Knost Nov-22: "Changing the World 1 Box at a Time", B. Kornitzer
Nov-29: "Friendship", B. Kornitzer Dec-6: "Let it Be", B. Kornitzer
Dec-13: "A Step in the Right Direction", J. Youngken Dec-27: "Joy", B. Kornitzer
Jan-3: "Creation Spirituality", B. Kornitzer Jan-10: "Self Reflection and Assessment", B. Kornitzer
Jan-17: "Thoughts on Martin Luther King Day", L. Whyte Burrell Jan-24: "Let it Shine", B. Kornitzer
Jan-31: "Covenant: A Sacred Promise", B. Kornitzer Feb-7: "Carpe Diem", B. Kornitzer
Feb-14: "Standing on the Side of Love", B. Kornitzer Feb-21: "Love is the Spirit", S. Harrison
Feb-28: "Getting to Yes", B. Kornitzer.  
CD One:
May 31, 1009 to
Oct. 18, 2009.
May-31: "Forgiveness", T. Hart Jun-7: "Who am I", B. Kornitzer;
Jun-14: "Wherever Two or More...", B. Kornitzer Jun-21: "A Bounty of Gratitude", B. Kornitzer;
Jun-28: "Tea and Tranquility Today", M. Younkin-Waldman Jul-19: "Whose Are We?", H. Gersuny
Aug-2: "Once Upon a (Spiritual) Time", R. Pavlow Aug-9: "The Spirituality of Humor", R. Stokes
Aug-16: "Our Place in the Universe", D. Hurdis Aug-23: "Music and Lyrics in Unitarian...", H. Gersuny
Aug-30: "I and It vs. I and You", N. Littlejohn Gray Sep-20: "The Universallist Message...", B. Kornitzer
Sep-27: "Why Bother?", B. Kornitzer Oct-11: "Workshop-The Healing Power of Love", P. Huddleston
Oct-11: "Wellness From a Faith Perspective", B. Kornitzer Oct-18: "Sabbath", B. Kornitzer.

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